Monday, September 30, 2013

Latest Products Supplied - Compact Laser Diode Driver with TEC and Mount

CLD1015 Thorlabs Compact Laser Diode Driver with TEC and Mount



  • Operates in Constant Current or Constant Power Mode
  • Controlled Locally with Touch Panel GUI or Remotely over USB
  • Provides up to 1.5 A of Drive Current and up to 3.5 A of TEC Current
  • Integrated Butterfly Mount Compatible with Thorlabs' Laser Products
  • Compact Size: 111 mm x 73.5 mm x 169.2 mm (4.37" x 2.9" x 6.66")
Thorlabs is pleased to offer the CLD1015 Laser Diode Driver and Temperature Controller, which comprises a complete driver package for fiber-coupled laserssuperluminescent diodes, and laser amplifiers in butterfly packages. The all-in-one unit supplies up to 1.5 A of drive current, making it compatible with Thorlabs' entire family of pigtailed diode lasers; maintains the diode temperature with 0.01° C precision, providing a high degree of output stability and prolonging the life of the diode; and contains a built-in mount for portability and mechanical stability. No additional equipment is needed to operate a laser diode. It also includes a full complement of safety features, such as a soft start mode, current and temperature limits, and external interlock compatibility, in addition to advanced features, including a switchable noise reduction filter and a modulation input, usually only found on more expensive units.

Thorlabs Malaysia: Photonics in Malaysia: CLD1015 Thorlabs Distributor


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