Friday, June 12, 2009

Latest Products Supplied - Signature Analyzer

SFL 2500 Signature Analyzer

*Test Technology : Analog Signature Analysis
*Test Ranges :1V/500uA, 10V/5mA, 10V/150mA, 20V/1mA, 40V/1mA
*Frequency Range : 50Hz,100Hz,500Hz, 1000Hz, 2000Hz
*Pulse Generator : +/-7.5…….0……-7.5V (Programmable Level Width And Polority)
*Sensitivity Adjustment : 1 - 99%
*Operating Modes : Real Time Mode
*Device Operation Control : Front Side Divece
*Date Display : Test Result And Signature Are Displayed
- On LCD Device Screen (Resolution 120x 241 : Dimension 89.34 x 118.18mm)
*Test Signal Storage : External Flash Memory
RLC Components Type And Value Defination : Supported

Latest Products Supplied - Silicon Wafer

4 inch Silicon Wafer:-

Diameters: 100mm (4 inch)
Types: P (Boron)
Orientation: <1-0-0>
Resistivity: 1-20 ohm-cm
Thickness: 1000+/-25um
Grade: Prime
Finish: Single Sided Polished, Ultra Clean and Ultra Flat