Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Optic and Fiber Optic Supplies: Ex-STOCK ITEMS

1) Isoprophyl Alcohol, AR Grade, 99%
    Packing: 1.0L, 2.5L, 4.0L
    Used in cleaning fiber optic or connector end faces for better transmission perfomance. 

2) Lint-Free Kimwipes Cleaning Tissue
    Packing: 280 Kimwipes/Box

3) MC-5 Thorlabs Lens Cleaning Tissue

    Packing: 25pcs/Booklet

4) BD8 Thorlabs Dispensing Bottle, One-Touch Pump, 8oz

5) Piano Wire: An excellent tool to remove broken fiber optic from a ferrule 
    Packing: 8pcs/Box

6) FC Bare Fiber Adapter

Optic and Fiber Optic Supplies in Malaysia. Photonic Supplier in Malaysia
Pembekal Peralatan Optic dan Fiber Optik di Malaysia. Pembekal Alatan Fotonik di Malaysia

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